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A collection of projects worth following divided up by platform. I’ve drifted back and forth between platforms over the years. Most of this will be web based because where I spend a lot of time working on services and integrations, all UI code I do is web or command line.


  • F# – If you like C# but don’t like null references, or want language features years faster
  • Glimpse – Amazing visibility into your web page render times
  • PoshGit – Keith makes windows command line git  much better
  • xUnit – awesome testing library
  • Moq – easy mocking library
  • Automapper – a nice way to map objects to one another


  • Express – The most popular node app framework (probably)
  • Koa – An app framework trying to get rid of callback crazyness, made by the express people
  • Hapi  – The framework Walmart Labs uses to build services that laugh at black friday’s traffic volumes.


  • Angular – An MV* framework for building front ends “Knockout is great, but Angular won” – Scott Hanselman
  • Durandal – Durandal is an angular competitor that uses Knockout, jQuery, and RequireJS. Mostly included to offer an alternative if you dislike Angular
  • jQuery – The easy bake oven of front end dev.

PHP – If you’re doing web development it is the lowest common denominator. It is simple(or at least can be), can be wickedly fast, and deploys everywhere.

There are a lot of other projects/technologies I’d recommend like 0MQ, Redis, Postgres… for now I’ll just stick to libraries/languages. 


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